Monday, 12 December 2016

When you say: it’s enough..

It’s normal in our twenty-something age to think about what we’ve not reached yet. It happened to me. I used almost all my past mornings to think what I will reach today, this month, this year. It’s not only resolutions, but also achievements. If I have failed to achieve something, it meant that I was failed at all.

I remember how school’s biology taught us about the outcome of a person which depend on genetic and environment. I feel that I am somehow borned as a achiever, who wants to achieve everything I can get. Moreover I have the environment which supported that. I used to think how to be number 1 in class, joined competition, and be the champion.

Two years ago I landed in this amazing country which after all gave me different perspective. As there are only less than 50 Indonesian who works as a professional here, we usually have weekly gathering. Despite of the sparse of their origin in Indonesia, they’re surprisingly uniformed. As the only person under 30 years old, they gave me many things to learn.

I always belief that I’ll life different live after I reach 40. I will be wise, calm, and be very grateful of everything I have achieved. As soon after I blended to Indonesian community here, I started to realize that I wouldn’t wait until 40 to make those things happened.

Everything started to change. From thinking how I can reach my dream, I started to feel that I have reached my real dream, and now it’s time to help my children reach their dream. I started to think how I can raise them in a proper way, at all aspects. I started to think how I can give my kids good examples on how’s a good life is. And I started to think that I already reach finish point.