Monday, 14 May 2018

The first 1 month

After around 1 month living as citizen of Jakarta, I actually have so many interesting stories to be told. It’s a "high and low" of finally being home after quite a few years going abroad.

One of the downside thing is Jakarta traffic jam which I used to face it few years ago and now it’s not going to be better at all. The positive side is that I’m forced to use my cycle during this 1 month to get away from traffic jam. 50 minutes cycling in the morning and 55 minutes in the afternoon not only made me healthier, but also made me richer. I literally didn’t spend any single cent when going to the office - my office also provide a brunch and sometimes a lunch.

The other downside is searching for home in Jakarta become harder nowadays than before I’m going abroad a few years ago. My previous home is located quite far from the heart of Jakarta. We planned to buy a new better location home, but unfortunately we still can’t afford it (we really thought that during these few years we saved quite much money for a good home in the center of the city).

Another thing worth mentioning is that settle things is not really easy eventhough it’s on your own hometown. I was just only put 1 week to prepare everything before starting to work for my current employer. This time frame has been proven not enough for settling everything. My conclusion is moving to your hometown will only give a little advantage than moving to in-the-middle-of-no-where location. So, better to make a proper plan (an hour-to-hour plan!) to minimize headache during your going-home relocation.

Overall, based on my 1 month experience of going back, I feel much happier. This is the decision I never regret. Especially I get a very good working environment which made me thing that I should go back far earlier.

Another story to be continue!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

It started again

Time's really moving fast. Only 2 years ago I thought that everything was finished and settled. But last year she had a plan to pursue for a Specialist Doctor, so I was searching for a job back in my country.

There's a company that I adored some years ago, interestingly just because I was thinking to create the same service in the mid of 2010 while I was still working in IBM. I coded the website until it almost finished, even I already purchased the domain at that time. I told no one, until one day when I shared the project to my friend for the first time, he told me about another service that already up and running for several months. It also gathered a very good traction. I loved the service from the first time, and really hated mine -- its name, its design, and its concept. That service won at all aspect to the one that I built.

I abandoned my project and forget about it for years. Until last year while I was searching for a job I remembered that 7 years ago moment. I was getting internal recommendation, and they surprisingly welcomed everyone with a really fast response. The response time was days, and sometimes in hours. Although I had to run for 8 interviews in total (3 online interviews, 5 onsite interviews).

And from last week, I joined this great team. I had a great time so far, being paid for playing, and working in the environment that made you feel like the dreams come true. If you're curious about knowing more (and joining for sure :-) ), kindly drop me email or message to any of my social media account. We're recruiting the best ninjas from all around the world!

Monday, 12 December 2016

When you say: it’s enough..

It’s normal in our twenty-something age to think about what we’ve not reached yet. It happened to me. I used almost all my past mornings to think what I will reach today, this month, this year. It’s not only resolutions, but also achievements. If I have failed to achieve something, it meant that I was failed at all.

I remember how school’s biology taught us about the outcome of a person which depend on genetic and environment. I feel that I am somehow borned as a achiever, who wants to achieve everything I can get. Moreover I have the environment which supported that. I used to think how to be number 1 in class, joined competition, and be the champion.

Two years ago I landed in this amazing country which after all gave me different perspective. As there are only less than 50 Indonesian who works as a professional here, we usually have weekly gathering. Despite of the sparse of their origin in Indonesia, they’re surprisingly uniformed. As the only under 30 years old, they gave me many things to learn.

I always belief that I’ll life different live after I reach 40. I will be wise, calm, and be very grateful of everything I have achieved. As soon after I blended to Indonesian community here, I started to realize that I wouldn’t wait until 40 to make those things happened.

Everything started to change. From thinking how I can reach my dream, I started to feel that I have reached my real dream, and now it’s time to help my children reach their dream. I started to think how I can raise them in a proper way, at all aspects. I started to think how I can give my kids good examples on how’s a good life is. And I started to think that I already reach finish point.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pledoi Syifa

Beberapa hari terakhir ini, kasus Hafidz dan Syifa terangkat kembali. Dulu kasus ini pernah jadi trending topic bukan hanya di twitter saja, tapi juga di lingkungan RT gue, karena lokasi Hafidz dan Syifa membuang Almarhumah Ade Sara persis di dekat gerbang tol Bintara, dekat rumah gue di Pondok Kopi dulu.

Yang menarik dari kasus ini, Syifa membacakan pledoi yang entah kenapa membuat gue jadi teringat sesuatu: Hukum tidak akan pernah bisa menghapus kesalahanmu. Allah akan selalu memaafkan kesalahanmu ketika kamu bertobat. Masya Allah, baik sekali ya Allah. Karena kebaikan-Nya, kadang kita suka lupa, setelah tobat, kita lakukan kesalahan yang sama, lalu tobat lagi, dan lakukan kesalahan yang sama lagi.

Iterasi itu akan terus berjalan, hingga kita menemukan titik dimana kita menerima peringatan berupa balasan yang langsung bisa kita rasakan. Di titik itu kita baru sadar: Allah baik sekali ya. Gue kutip dari disini sebagai pengingat untuk gue sendiri karena susah untuk buka

Majelis hakim yang Syifa muliakan

Syifa mohon kehadapan majelis hakim dengan segala rasa penyesalan dan tobat syifa kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa

Kiranya Tuhan yang Maha Esa bisa memberikan ampunan kepada Syifa dan kehadapan majelis hakim Syifa sangat memohon agar dapat diberikan keputusan yang adil, arif dan bijaksana serta putusan yang seringan-ringannya kepada diri Syifa yang bisa Syifa jalani dengan penuh tanggungjawab untuk menebus kesalahan dan dosa yang telah Syifa perbuat dan kiranya putusan majelis hakim tersebut tetap memberikan kesempatan kepada Syifa untuk dapat melanjutkan pendidikam dikemudian hari.

Syifa berjanji tidak akan melakukan perbuatan yang bertentangan dengan hukum, dan syifa akan menepati janji Syifa ini. Majelis hakim Syifa masih mempunyai harapan dan saat ini meneruskan pendidikan untuk mewujudkan semua cita-cita untuk membahagiakan kedua orang tua Syifa keluarga Syifa dan orang-orang di sekitar Syifa.

Syifa masih ingin menepati janji Syifa kepada mama untuk membiayai beliau naik haji, Syifa juga akan menepati janji Syifa kepada saudari Syifa untuk menjadi orang yang sukses.

Syifa mohon maaf yang sebesar-besarnya kepada keluarga Ade Sara terutama kepada kedua orang tua Ade Sara Om Suroto dan Tante Elizabeth. Maafkan Syifa karena telah membuat duka yang teramat dalam di hati Om Suroto dan Tante Elizabeth.

Kepada teman-teman Syifa, kepada pihak sekolah atau kampus tempat Syifa belajar, Syifa juga memohon maaf yang sebesar-besarnya. Sekali lagi Syifa mohon khususnya kepada mama dan papa untuk senantiasa mendoakan Syifa anak mama dan papa agar kiranya Syifa tetap tegar dan sabar dalam menjalani ujian hidup yang berat ini.

Jujur terkadang timbul dari dalam diri Syifa rasa putus asa dan ingin segera mengakhiri hidup agar segera kembali ke pangkuan Ilahi Robbi. Namun Syifa sadar, hal itu bukanlah solusi bagi diri Syifa untuk belajar akan arti kehidupan ini.

Semoga mama dan papa tetap mendoakan Syifa agar bisa keluar dari cobaan dan ujian ini dengan selamat.
Amin ya robbal alamin.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Law in Modulo

I still remember the old days when we learned about the Distributive, Associative, and Commutative Law in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division in the Elementary School. If you already forget what the law stated, here I describe again:

Commutative Law means we can change the position of the numbers and still get the same result.
Working on:
Addition: 5 + 6 = 6 + 5
Multiplication: 5 x 6 = 6 x 5

Not Working On:
Subtraction: 5-6 != 6-5
Division: 5/6 != 6/5

Associative Law means we can change the group of the numbers and still get the same result.
Working on:
Addition: (5 + 6) + 7 = 5 + (6 + 7)
Multiplication: (5 x 6) x 7 = 5 x (6 x 7)
Division: (5 / 6) / 7 != 5 / (6 / 7)

Not Working On:
Subtraction: (5 - 6) - 7 != 5 - (6 - 7)

Distributed Law means we can distribute the number into group of the numbers and still get the same result.
5 x (6 + 5) = 5 x 6 + 5 x 5

How about the Modulo? Is the same law can working in the Modulo?
Not working: 7 % 5 % 3 != 7 % 3 % 5

Not working: (7 % 5) % 3 != 7 % (5 % 3)

Not working if the group come second: 7 % (5 + 3) != (7 % 5) + (7 % 3)
But working if the group come first    : (7 + 5) % 3 = (7 % 3) + (5 % 3)

Why I'm writing this? Is there any place of the world even concern about this?

There is a problem when we want to take a modulo function for a big number. For example:
8904835093485098039482094853094850249583023948093840298340988405345 % 4
We can count the modulo of the last digit first, and then the second digit multiply by 10, which can be separate into several groups, then we can add all of the sum.

And of course I believe there are many computational problems out there that can be solved by this law.