Wednesday, 11 April 2018

It started again

Time's really moving fast. Only 2 years ago I thought that everything was finished and settled. But last year she had a plan to pursue for a Specialist Doctor, so I was searching for a job back in my country.

There's a company that I adored some years ago, interestingly just because I was thinking to create the same service in the mid of 2010 while I was still working in IBM. I coded the website until it almost finished, even I already purchased the domain at that time. I told no one, until one day when I shared the project to my friend for the first time, he told me about another service that already up and running for several months. It also gathered a very good traction. I loved the service from the first time, and really hated mine -- its name, its design, and its concept. That service won at all aspects to the one that I built.

I abandoned my project and forget about it for years. Until last year while I was searching for a job I remembered that 7 years ago moment. I was getting internal recommendation, and they surprisingly welcomed everyone with a really fast response. The response time was days, and sometimes in hours. Although I had to run for 8 interviews in total (3 online interviews, 5 onsite interviews).

And from last week, I joined the great team. I had a great time so far, being paid for playing, and working in the environment that made you feel like the dreams come true. If you're curious about knowing more (and joining for sure :-) ), kindly drop me email or message to any of my social media account. We're recruiting the best ninjas from all around the world!

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