Monday, 14 May 2018

The first month

After around 1 month living as citizen of Jakarta, I actually have so many interesting stories to be told. It’s a "high and low" of finally being home after quite a few years going abroad.

One of the downside thing is Jakarta traffic jam which I used to face it few years ago and now it’s not going to be better at all. The positive side is that I’m forced to use my cycle during this 1 month to get away from traffic jam. 50 minutes cycling in the morning and 55 minutes in the afternoon not only made me healthier, but also made me richer. I literally didn’t spend any single cent when going to the office - my office also provide a brunch and sometimes a lunch.

The other downside is searching for home in Jakarta become harder nowadays than before I’m going abroad a few years ago. My previous home is located quite far from the heart of Jakarta. We planned to buy a new better location home, but unfortunately we still can’t afford it (we really thought that during these few years we saved quite much money for a good home in the center of the city).

Another thing worth mentioning is that settle things is not really easy eventhough it’s on your own hometown. I was just only put 1 week to prepare everything before starting to work for my current employer. This time frame has been proven not enough for settling everything. My conclusion is moving to your hometown will only give a little advantage than moving to in-the-middle-of-no-where location. So, better to make a proper plan (an hour-to-hour plan!) to minimize headache during your going-home relocation.

Overall, based on my 1 month experience of going back, I feel much happier. This is the decision I never regret. Especially I get a very good working environment which made me thing that I should go back far earlier.

Another story to be continue!